In Wasaga Beach we have 6 beach areas. It’s technically one long continuous beach, but Ontario Parks have named each section 1 through 6. We also mention the New Wasaga Beach area and Allenwood Beach that has become more popular around 2020. They became popular when the high water levels were swallowing up the other beach areas. Regardless of the offerings of each area, no need to worry, the entire beach is sand and a real “beach.”

It is helpful to know the breakdown during your planning stages. We will let you know where each area is and the positives of each. For now, a great start is the map below showing each area, the paid parking, the washrooms, etc.

Wasage Beach map

Beach 1

Also called the Main Beach, it is the most popular and commercially built up of the beach areas. It is home to the historic Beach Drive loop. Here everyone has a story about cruising a classic car there when they were younger. It is also home to the Dardanella or “Dard,” a historic dance club from the 1920’s. There are lots of restaurants, bars, and touristy shops. Public parking is here along with some businesses offering parking too.

swimming in beach

It is the most “happening” of beach areas, so if that is what you are into, perfect – spend time here. This area has some of the most cottage, cabin and motel options of the whole beach. Most of them are on the other side of the Wasaga Beach 1 bridge. That includes our Dock Life Beach 1 which is right beside the bridge. The people that tend to book cottages in this area are a solid mix of younger kids, families and couples. Right off of the beach is a kids water park. If you are coming to the beach for complete quiet and privacy, there are options that will suit you better.

Track in the midddle of the Beach

Beach 2

Known for the lovely boardwalk. There are not any food offerings or shops. For kids, there is a playground. There is decent pay parking from public lots and private owners. It is often the next busiest beach area because of the overflow of Beach 1. It also has close proximity to cottage rentals. There are two motel style properties and many cottage courts (properties with multiple cottages). One motel is newer and the other is from the 1980’s or so. The cottage courts are older, but cute.

A dog from the back on beach

Beach 3

Now we mostly call it “the dog beach,” but it is more than that. The dogs allowed portion is about 1/4 of Beach 3 and the rest is normal beach. It is great for pet owners, however, they do not allow dogs anywhere else on the beach other than here. It is a popular spot. A word of caution to anyone going to swim and hang out in the dog beach area: the dogs regularly go to the bathroom in the water and on the sand. So be careful where you sit! There are plenty of places to hang out and lay down if you aren’t a dog owner though.

Paid parking is available here, but most rentals have plenty of parking for their guests. They are still very walkable to the beach. Our Dock Life property and Biermans Cottage Company are in the Beach 3 area. One is a 4 minute walk and the other is 2 minutes. Both have free parking for guests. Take note that there is some free street parking in the neighbourhood. Within a few minutes walk from the beach, there is a pizza shop and a couple ice cream shops.

Games on Beach

Beach 4

This is a quieter and less busy area. There is pay parking right at the beach. You can find a few cottage courts in this neighbourhood but less than the previous areas. They are also older units. About 5 minutes walk away are Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, pizza and more. There is a kids playground here.

Beach 5-7

These are quite similar from area 5 to 7. They don’t have as many accommodations or any commercial offerings within a comfortable walking distance as the previously described areas. Areas 5-7 are more residential with older family owned cottages sprinkled in. Kids have a playground in area 5. Paid parking is here too.

New Wasaga Beach and Allenwood Beach

These two are similar and, again, residential with family owned cottages around. A couple notable cottage courts for rent though. A less maintained part of the beach, so there are some weeds on the beach. These are calmer than Beach 1 and 2. You can find paid parking here right at the beach. There is one shop for treats at each of the two beach areas.