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Wasaga Beach Motel

All in the Heart of Wasaga.

When visiting the beach and staying overnight, you can always find a Wasaga Beach motel, as well as cottages. There are around 10 motels in Wasaga Beach and some individual cottages groups that are laid out like motels. These often suit the budget-minded and small-group travellers. They are easy to recognize because they are laid out in rows with each unit connected to the next and most of the time, one level only.
The locations of them are spread out all over Wasaga Beach with a higher concentration of them around Beach 1 area, which is more the North eastern part of town. Specifically, Main street has several Wasaga Beach motels and they are easy to see from the road. There are a few along the South western strip of Mosley street also. Some are even outside of the town limits on the way to Collingwood.
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There used to be more motels

Sadly, there used to be more motels, but a few of them fell into disrepair in Wasaga Beach and they converted to long term housing. They could no longer serve the travelling public effectively anymore. It’s true that these properties take a lot of care to maintain. Only a local would really know, the powerful winds from Georgian Bay during late fall, winter, and early spring are hard on buildings.
A Wasaga Beach motel tends to be the choice of the very budget minded traveller. These motels generally have very few amenities and are the most bare-bones. This is because they have less amenities than the Wasaga Beach cottages we have around. If basic is all you truly need, the price makes up for it if you plan to spend a lot of time out at the beach or activities around town. A Wasaga Beach motel is not the best choice if you desire atmosphere, extra privacy, a yard or you want to keep your large group all together in one unit. Cottages in Wasaga Beach can definitely satisfy those wishes though.

Wasaga Beach motels

We know Wasaga Beach motels and this is what you can expect inside: one or two beds per room/unit, a TV, possibly a desk and chair, a table and chairs, a private bathroom, bedding, towels, soap, and one or two parking spaces. They will very often have cable TV, WIFI, heat and A/C. There will likely NOT be a kitchen in your room, but possibly a small fridge.

Outside there is generally just parking and a bit of green-space at a Wasaga Beach motel. Although, at some locations they provide BBQs, playground equipment, fire pits for bonfires and sometimes even a pool!
An example of accommodations like this are our Dock Life Cottages that happen to be a very motel-like setup in the beach 3 area. They are a row of 10 historic Wasaga cottages that are only connected to another cottage on one side. They have the bonus of 4 minutes walk to the beach AND being beside the Nottawasaga River. The large dock and huge deck give our travellers a very satisfying atmosphere. We have a fire pit and EVERYONE has a BBQ. The parking is limited to one per unit though. Inside there is one or two bedrooms, a private bathroom, a couch, table and chairs, dresser, flat screen tv, kitchenette with sink, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, kettle, pots and pans, cutlery, and dishes. Each unit has heat for spring and fall, cable TV, streaming, WIFI, and A/C. A pretty solid setup.

There is certainly several to choose from for a Wasaga Beach motel, each with their different amenities and price points. We recommend that you do your research on the place before committing to a reservation. Honestly, ours don’t fit everyone’s needs and that’s understandable. And even ours need to be looked into to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Wasaga Beach motel

Not too far from now…

“We’re always looking for interesting opportunities. There’s a budget for that. I’d like the next project to have a community centre feel. Somewhere where there’s always something going on. Concerts, seminars, performances, shows, etc. Something for locals and tourists.” – Tal


Wasaga Beach Motel

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