There are so many choices of accommodations when coming to beach or ski towns. What do you choose? A cottage or a Wasaga Beach hotel / motel? For example, Wasaga has primarily cottages / cabins and motels. You often come from out of town to Wasaga, so with all the options, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Never fear, you can get some insight here.

In the summer, cottages and motels are both operating, but many of the cabins and smaller units shut down in winter. On top of this, many winterized units and motels do 6 month off season rentals to locals. With our cottages, we are set up to only rent to vacationers, contractors, temporary stays, skiers, and beach bums… all year. Below we will compare Wasaga Beach cottage rentals versus a Wasaga Beach hotel / motel.

wasaga beach cottage rentals

Positives of Wasaga Beach Cottage Rentals

Variety of Unit Sizes

Cottages can be big or small. They can sleep 1 person up to groups of 16. For example, we can accommodate 1 person in a bachelor unit and up to 14 people in our 5 bedroom unit. Wasaga has units that sleep up to 16 people for sure.In fact, there are some on our Brett that do. Apart from sleeping arrangements, cottages often have more room to move around too. This way, you can sneak away to another room to read a book or spend alone time.

Tend to Have More Character

Cottages and cabins in our town are full of historic value. Several cottage courts were built as early as the 1920’s when Ontarians started vacationing here. As with their varying sizes, they often have interesting shapes with different rooms. For example, our 3 bedroom units have an upstairs. Also, our #8 at DLB1 has a cozy little loft in it where the young kids like to sleep. Also, our #13 at DLB1 just had a private sauna added to it. People perceive it as more homie and definitely more interesting.

Competitive rates

Depending on location and amenities, the actual town of Wasaga has small cottages the are similar rates to motels. You will pay nearly the same. A two-person unit from both are almost the same and a four-person unit is almost the same too. In winter however, for skiers, contractors, or people travelling for business, the rates are equal.

Slightly Better Locations

In Wasaga, motels are in decent locations, but you can get cottages that are right on the beach or riverside. They still only a have small walk to the beach. In these cases, the atmosphere is honestly a lot nicer. Cottages will have better views.

Distance from Other Units

Cottages are often on their own or distanced from the next unit compared to motels. This gives the guest more privacy. Thin outside walls of a cottage are not a big deal.

Hotel's front picture on wasaga beach

Positives of Renting a Wasaga Beach Hotel / Motel

Slightly Cheaper, but Not Always

We have recognized that motel rooms are only slightly cheaper around town. In the winter however, they are quite equal.

Simple and Easy Access

These units often have no step in through the door. This is great for wheelchairs, walkers, and people not good with steps.

Decently Located

Wasaga has several motel properties located right on Main street near the main beach (Beach 1 area). They are 5 to 8 minute walks to the beach.

Full Housekeeping Units

Wasaga Beach hotel rooms are complete with bedding, towels, toilet paper, and soap. They will have a garbage bin outside for waste. They take care of all the basics. To keep prices low, some cottages in Wasaga ask you to bring your own bedding and towels. As well, some do not provide toilet paper or soap. Read carefully through the property’s information before making any final decision.