During COVID times there weren’t many things to do in Wasaga Beach except for hittin’ the beach. Now that it is back to normal, more events are happening and people are coming out of the woodwork. 2022 was a decent summer, but things were still slow to pick up. 

With summer 2023 on the horizon and a new “tourism friendly” town hall, you can look forward to lots of cool things to do in Wasaga Beach again. Many townspeople in are looking to bring back some of Wasaga’s glory days!

First, let’s look at what is coming up for events. Then we’ll show you what’s going on around Wasaga Beach in the summer and winter. Also, we’ll point out some playgrounds for the kids!


Things to do in Wasaga Beach

Coming Events

2023 Snowman Mania

Feb 17 – Feb 20

Winter family event with petting zoo, fireworks, fireside story time, skating, wrestling, bands, adult comedy show, dog show and more.

See list of Snowman Mania activities here – 

Coming Events

*A few things that Wasaga Beach is working on but is not set yet is Corvette Weekend, Bike Weekend, Ford F150 show, Stonebridge Blues Festival, Poutine Fest, Not-so-pro Volleyball Tournament, bands at the beach all summer and definitely Long weekend fireworks!

Ongoing Activities

Blue Mountain Resort

20-25 minutes away for ski, snowboarding and snow tubing in the winter. Adventure parks and hiking in the summer



Marlwood Golf and Country Club

Golf 18 holes just 5 minutes out of Wasaga Beach at a lakefront setting.


Shaka Wasaga Boat Cruise

How about hanging out with 11 of your friends on a floating bar while touring the river in Wasaga? Yep


Historic Nancy Island Museum

Know the story from a battle in the war of 1812 fought right here in Wasaga Beach.


Rounds Ranch

Family fun in a farm setting. 6 minutes out of Wasaga to animals, slides, zip lines, tractor rides and more!


Skydive Wasaga Beach

Skydiving facility with amazing reviews. Try it in Wasaga and get amazing views!


Wasaga Adventure Park
You gotta see their facilities for paintball, laser combat, gel blasters, archery tag, axe throwing, and more.


Skull Island Miniature Golf 

Realistic and well maintained pirate themed mini putt course. Easy to find on Main street!


Playbuoy Watersports

Rent modern jet skis right at the bridge on Main street.


Spirit Tours

Canoe/kayak rental, forest walks, snowshoeing, climbing, cave tours, and SUP. Lots to do with them!


Elmvale Zoo

You may not expect it, but these guys are the real deal. 15 minutes drive from Wasaga are lions, tigers, monkeys, giraffes, zebras, kangaroos and more.



Water Playground at Beach 1

Beach drive

Playground at Beach 2

6th st N.

Playground at Beach 4

24th st N.

Playground at Beach 5

Sunnidale Rd N.

New Playground at Town Hall

Mill’s Park on Glenwood Dr.


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