Packing for Wasaga Beach

We get asked all the time as our guests are preparing to come for their stay, “what do we need to bring?” Or, “can we buy ___________ in Wasaga Beach?” This is the perfect place to get the answers! We know the town really well and we know our Wasaga Beach cottage rentals really well. Therefore, this can be a helpful guide for folks who don’t know what to expect. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying with us or at other accommodations. This will at least inspire some questions for your hosts.

You’ll notice a theme in almost every answer below. We recommend that you read the property’s info sheets and FAQ’s to get acquainted with the rental that you’ll have. More than once we’ve had guests arrive that came very unprepared, despite our best efforts to make important info easy to see. We really, really, really want you to be prepared and have a good stay!

Can I Bring My Dog to the Beach in Wasaga?

Yes, but only in the specially designated “dog beach” area at Beach 3 in Wasaga Beach. See our other posting for that location “Which is the Best Beach Area in Wasaga?” As for which which Wasaga Beach hotels or cottage rentals are pet friendly, it depends. Read their rental info first. We’ve seen around 70% of rentals accepting dogs or pets. Most of them charge a modest pet fee to help in accommodating them. It’s still much cheaper than leaving pets at a kennel.

Our policy is this: 1 pet maximum in each rental. A one-time $35 fee for the whole stay. No pets on beds or furniture (couches, chairs). Minimize noise. Clean up their fur and other messes the best you can. Do not leave them alone in the rental units. This cooperation is extremely helpful in maintaining pet friendly units. Most places in town prefer the same considerations.

A quick note: Cats are strongly discouraged. We say this because cats are very independent and some of our guests have actually lost their cat, at least temporarily. Not good for enjoying a holiday.

Can I Bring my Boat or Jetski?

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We get it – boaters want to bring their toys to the beach since they’re coming anyway. It makes sense. If you’re coming up for the day, go for it! If you’re staying at a cottage or motel / hotel in Wasaga Beach, always ask the host or front desk first if you’re hoping to park. The reason is this: boats with trucks and trailers take up a lot of parking space. Sometimes it’s space that properties simply cannot give. We’ve had it many times when boats show up unannounced and we just can’t fit them. That, or it’s going to take up other guests’ parking spots. Most of the time we are too busy and full to fit extra.

We have solutions though!! In Wasaga Beach we have 2 marinas. You can launch your boat, and park your trailer all in one shot. Wasaga Marine is on the river on Mosley street in the the Beach 4 neighbourhood. Sturgeon Point Marina is off River Road East, only a few minutes from Main street. You can also rent a transient boat slip at either to keep it in the water overnight.

Speaking of boat docking in Wasaga Beach, boaters travelling to Wasaga Beach by boat, take note of the above. Those marinas are the only places that offer overnight boat mooring in town. Try to plan with them during their open hours as you won’t get a hold of them after hours.

Another great trailer parking option is to park the truck and trailer overnight at Walmart. It’s only 3 mins away from our 72 Main street cottage rentals. Walmart parking is free, but you should buy something from the store to show appreciation.There is a section where overnight campers, tractor trailers and boat people park that doesn’t bother anyone. It’s unofficial, yet usually easy to see.

Does Wasaga Have Grocery Stores?

Yes, we have 3 full service grocery stores. The Great Canadian Superstore is on 45th street in the Beach 6 area (On the West end of town). Foodland and Walmart are across the road from one another in the East end, past Beach 1 (Main street / RIver Road West).

Can I Find Firewood?

Bring it from home or get from a friend/family member. The 2nd best place to buy firewood is on the way to Wasaga Beach. Look for roadside unmanned stands. It is cheaper buying it that way than in town and costs around $6 for a decent bag. Some people recommend not bringing wood from a different location because of the possibility of spreading insects and diseases to local trees. Keep that in mind.

It is plentiful in town though. The places you can find it quite reliably are: gas stations, convenience stores, Walmart, the 2 grocery stores and the ice cream shop, Mr. Norm’s Nephew (in 2023). In Wasaga you’ll pay $8-$10 for usually a lousy bag. Some are more generous than others with quantity.

Does Wasaga Beach Have Sit-Down Restaurants?

Do we ever! The beach is full of take out but restaurants are all over town. For sit-down restaurants we have diners, several North American style, a couple Chinese spots, Vietnamese food, Thai, Fish n Chips, and tons of pizza places. We also have Indian food, Mexican (the main one is at our 72 Main street cottage resort location), Greek, a Wing place, and lots of fast food options. And last but not least, we have many Tim Hortons.

Do you Have Pots, Pans, Dishes and Cutlery?

In Wasaga Beach we haven’t heard of rentals that don’t include that. It’s certainly possible though. We, for example, provide those items in all 29 of our units. It’s best to read through the property’s information. Almost all will have that question answered in their documentation.

Packing for Wasaga Beach

Do you Have Soap, Dish Soap, or Shampoo?

We specifically provide soap and dish soap. A majority of Wasaga’s cottages and motels have soap and dish soap as well. We have noticed that some higher priced units around town provide shampoo too. Definitely read through the property’s information.

Do you Provide Bedding and Towels?

This one is a 50/50 in Wasaga Beach because many cottage properties are from the old days and don’t have laundry facilities. For example, 2 of our properties, Biermans Cottage Company and Dock Life (1047 Mosley st), don’t have laundry and as a result, don’t provide bedding and towels. Read through the property’s info. We have that info included it in ours and most all properties in town do that too. Our Dock Life Beach 1 location does provide bedding and towels.

The plus side of bringing your own is you have probably scored a cheaper rate because of it. Our units that don’t include bedding and towels have a lower price to compensate.

Can We Bring Extra Cars?

Wasaga Parking

Check your rental’s info. They’ll say the capacity. Again, many locations are tight and have limited space, so try to carpool or make alternate arrangements. Put it this way, parking space is precious enough in Wasaga that they charge for it anywhere near the beach. However, if you’ve rented a vacation unit, the parking will be free. In the slower seasons (all months except July and August), there is more likelihood of parking an extra car, but not guaranteed.

We get busy and are so close to the popular part of the beach that we give parking passes to guests through the summer at our Beach 1 location. Other parking options would be a less busy rental property for $10 or $20 overnight or the Walmart parking lot.

Is it Safe to Drink the Tap Water in Wasaga Beach?

It definitely is. The municipality treats and maintains to the same high standards that any large city in Canada has. An environmental tip: bring reusable water bottles for your vacation. We see a ton of disposable bottles at our places that are virtually unneeded. The good news is though, we recycle as much of it as we can.

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