Airbnb Wasaga Beach or Book Direct? The Insider View

airbnb wasaga Beach

In the last 5 or 6 years, we have noticed a huge change in bookings made through booking .com, VRBO, a million other 3rd party sites and Airbnb Wasaga Beach instead of direct bookings. In fact, it has got so popular now that instead of someone saying, “hey, let’s rent a Wasaga Beach hotel room,” […]

Wasaga Beach Hotel / Motel OR Cottage? A Deep Look

wasaga beach hotel

There are so many choices of accommodations when coming to beach or ski towns. What do you choose? A cottage or a Wasaga Beach hotel / motel? For example, Wasaga has primarily cottages / cabins and motels. You often come from out of town to Wasaga, so with all the options, it is easy to […]